Photo Credit: Petit Coulou

According to Transport Canada, it is not recommended to put a baby or toddler into their car seat if they are wearing a winter coat, because the puffy material in some winter coats reduces safety when attaching the harness and baby is not well protected in the event of an accident.

So, in order to make sure that your child is kept warm in their car seat this winter, we suggest you consider car seat covers as they are both very warm and practical to ensure baby’s comfort and safety when travelling in the car.


There are mainly 2 types of car seat covers:


“Sleeping Bag” Types Car Seat Covers 

Ideal to keep baby warm in their car seat without a coat. Waterproof or not, they are usually lined with plush or fleece to provide maximum comfort and warmth. Waterproof car seat covers keep heat and are more efficient against the cold. The cover allows the car seat harness to stay directly on the child for added safety. Out top picks: JJ Cole Bundleme Original Car Seat Cover7AM Igloo Car Seat Cover and PerlimpinpinCar Seat Cover.

“Zippered Pocket” Types Car Seat Covers 

Easy and quick to install, they open completely from top to bottom, on the front, to get baby out without any difficulty. They fit on all car seats thanks to their elastic base and baby does not need to wear any snow suit. Our selection : Petit Coulou Car Seat Cover and 7AM Cocoon Car Seat Cover with Fur.


How should your child be dressed in a car seat cover?


It is recommended to make sure all baby’s extremities are covered with a winter hat, mitts and warm slippers to keep their body heat. They should also be dressed with thin but warm clothing to facilitate the attachment of the harness. If it is very cold, you can add a blanket before putting baby under the cover. And if it’s windy, you can add a car seat rain cover to reduce the feeling of cold.

Also good to know, with a car seat cover, you will also need a stroller cover. Indeed, the car seat cover will likely last only a few months (the time of the car seat shell). In addition, the stroller seat is useful when taking your baby out for a walk so that you don’t leave baby in the car seat for very long. Remember that Health Canada recommends not to leave your baby in their car seat for more than an hour and a half a day.