Photo Credits: Headster Kids

Summer is knocking at our door (yes, for real this time…), and hot days rhyme with sun, family walks in the park, picnics, outings to the beach, etc. To enjoy all these moments with your baby without worries, a sun hat or cap is an essential accessory so that baby is protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

How to choose the right hat this summer? Don’t worry, we got you! Many companies offer baby hats and caps in different styles for all tastes and colours.

Here are some information to consider when looking for a hat for your baby:

  • Choosing the hat style is up to you, but does it provide adequate protection from the sun? It is always advisable to pick a hat with wide brim for better protection. Ideally, it should cover not only the baby’s head, but also his face and neck.
  • Prefer hats made from lightweight or breathable materials such as cotton or polyester. These fabrics are breathable and quick to dry for your toddler’s comfort.
  • Ideally, a hat that stays on the head would be the best thing for baby. You must therefore choose a hat that fits snugly around the head or one with cords that attach to the chin. And to combine style and protection, there are also adjustable cap models for babies, toddlers and even older children, for an urban and trendy family style.

Choices for summer hats or caps are many and varied. Sizes offered generally range from 0 to 6 months, 6-12 months, 12-24 months, 2-4 years, depending on models and companies. Some models also offer hats and caps for ages 7 and up. Now there is no reason for you not to enjoy summer with the whole family!