A Newborn in the family: quite a change!
When my baby boy was born, my daughter experienced a great change in her life. She had been at the center of our attention for 2 years and it was not easy to deal with this new situation… but we eventually made it!
Here are 6 tips which might help you if you’re expecting a second child:
  • Tell your eldest child a little sister or brother is on the way, a few months before the birth. Read him / her a story about the topic.
  • When your new child is born, explain to the eldest he / she is still important for you and that you love them both the same way.
  • Let your eldest welcome baby in her arms (to let her physically realize the new reality of a 4-member family)
  • Give your eldest responsibilities (simple things, like pressing the start button on the bottle warmer!)
  • When you have to spend time exclusively with baby (for breastfeeding, for example), tell your eldest you’re going to spend time with her as well afterwards.
  • Spend some exclusive moments with your eldest  while daddy is at home looking after baby! Go to the restaurant, to the park, to the grocery store…

It is likely your eldest will regress for a while, but it will be temporary. Very soon, she will be proud to take her role as big sister very seriously!