Above all, bath time is spending quality time with your baby. It is recommended not to leave any child between 0 and 5 years old unattended in the bath, for any reason.
For your child, bath time can be an ideal opportunity to learn and discover new shapes, colours or how to express himself. Here are some examples of skills that a child can develop during bath time.

1. Motor Skills Training

When in contact with toys, the baby or child, while having fun, learns how to coordinate his movements and gain confidence. In this way, your child can have fun with bath cups or other containers to fill, empty or spray water.

2. Learning Shapes

Your child can learn about shapes and textures. He discovers and becomes aware of his environment. This is an opportune time for him to develop his curiosity. There are many toys, stackable or adherent, that have various shapes: whale, shark, starfish, etc.

3. Learning Colours

From about 1 to 3 months of age, colour contrasts capture baby’s attention much more than the colours themselves, as his vision is not yet fully developed. Thus, toys in different colour shades can contribute to developing his vision. Plasticised bath books are ideal for discovering bright and attractive colours.

4. Language Development

Some toys make noises and sounds, and can stimulate a child’s response. He wants to be part of the conversation. Children hear sounds and want to reproduce them.

5. Parent-Child Attachment

Bath time for your child can also be a relaxing time where the parent can enjoy being 100% with his child. He can teach him new songs and even numbers or the alphabet for older ones.

Bath time usually leaves room for imagination and there are various ways to enjoy that.

To finish, here are some advice for a safe bath:

  • It is recommended not to leave any child between 0 and 5 years old unattended in the bath, for any reason.
  • The ideal temperature for bath water is 37°C (98°F). It is therefore advisable to always check the water temperature using a bath thermometer.
  • Place all the items you need within reach (soap, towel, toys, etc.)
  • Make sure that the height of the surface on which you are bathing your baby is appropriate for you.