Stretch marks and C-sections

They might not be your favourite topics, ladies, but guess what? After reading this post, you may change your mind about them.

I was lucky (and I didn’t even have to invoke the Holy Spirit!): I didn’t get any stretch mark despite the impressive stretching of my stomach during my two pregnancies.
When I was expecting my first child, I was so sure to get stretch marks that I smeared cream (I only knew about cream) all over my stomach over and over again… And everything went just fine.
Same thing with my second pregnancy (I was already planning to wear bikinis in summer!) until I realized I would have a C-section (i.e. open belly + scar).

At first, I did not think at all about the scar I would have to bear for the rest of my life. I was much more concerned by my baby’s health. But then, everything came back to ‘’normal’’ (i.e. healthy baby at home and huge staples removed from my skin). I started to gaze back at my navel (or rather, my lower abdomen!). And I realized this scar would stay here for ever…

Eventually, I came to the conclusion that I had to accept and like those scars and marks because:

  • They are indelible memories of our baby’s birth
  • Moisturizing our skin on a daily basis will help scars and stretch marks fade faster

Take my advice: use moisturizing creams, oils and / or oleo-calcareous liniment. I swear I’m now in awe of my beautiful scar which reminds me of so many good memories (and, by the way, it has healed nicely!).


To avoid stretch marks, moisturize your skin as soon as you know you’re pregnant. Use a moisturizing cream, oil or liniment until you get your ‘’normal’’ stomach back. Don’t forget the floppy underarm zone: stretch marks love to settle in there!.
To help your C-section scar heal, moisturize it daily (as soon as you can touch it safely) for one year (apply generously).


Share your experience:

What did you use to prevent stretch marks? Cream, oil or liniment?
Did you start moisturizing your C-section scar as soon as you could touch it? If yes, what did you use?