Baby is not a baby anymore so what to do with their crib, rocker, high chair…? If you are not so keen on selling privately, I have good news for you: Rose ou Bleu opens a new second hand department specialized in babies items!

You’ve probably heard more than once that our planet is not doing so well lately but we can try and change that. If we all act together, little things can result in big changes. Thus, Rose ou Bleu has decided to do its part for the environment buying and selling second hand products. What about joining them in this new adventure? You could declutter your space while doing a good deed. It is a win-win. It might seem insignificant, but I mean, Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?

If you’ve come to the store recently, maybe you’d heard the news before but the department is actually open for business now. For that matter, the store manager and her team would like to thank everyone who expressed their support for this new project. It means a lot.

I want to sell something, how does it work?

Nothing could be more simpler:

  1. Send a picture of the items you want to sell at
  2. You will be given an appointment so you can come to the store and bring your items
  3. On the D day, the store will pay you for the items, once you settled on a price. Indeed, it is a direct buy and not a consignment. You will leave with your money.

One a small note: you can sell every item, except for car seats and pieces of clothing. However, Rose ou Bleu will buy anything regardless of the brand or the store it originally came from.

I want to buy second hand products

Everything is exclusively available in store. Be sure that Rose ou Bleu’s team will always use their knowledge to select products that are relevant on the market and respect hygiene and security standards. Good to know, isn’t it?

So, what do you think? Will you go shopping there? Are you interested in second hand goods? If you have any suggestions or remarks, please leave a comment below.