Do you remember the news? Rose ou Bleu opened a second-hand section for baby products. Since then, it has been a huge success, beyond what we could have expected actually. Thank you for the incredible welcome that you gave to this new project. It seems that you are ready to take a step for the environment alongside with us and we could not be happier about it! Anyway, due to your positive reaction, our stock is disappearing into thin air so we need you to get some fresh items.

Do you have baby stuff that you do not have use for anymore? A crib, a high chair or even some books and toys that still look bright and shiny? Make your contribution to this beautiful adventure and sell them to Rose ou Bleu.

Selling is really easy:

  1. Send a picture of the items you want to sell at
  2. You will be given an appointment so you can come to the store and bring your items
  3. On the D day, the store will pay you for the items, once you settled on a price. Indeed, it is a direct buy and not a consignment. You will leave with your money.

Quick reminder: we buy everything, except for car seats and pieces of clothing. When I say “everything”, it means that Rose ou Bleu will buy anything regardless of the brand or the store it originally came from.

So, on your marks, set the camera, sell!