Today, I don’t feel like writing about potty training, great recipes for baby or the different baby carriers you can find on the market. Today, I feel like talking about the first time I gave birth (it was for my daughter, at the end of 2012).

First Time I Gave Birth

Tell me if you agree or not, but for my first pregnancy, I wanted to know everything, from the painful contractions and the moment I had to go to the hospital when I started my labour, to the reaction I should have on seeing my baby daughter for the first time. I was curious and I wished I could drive the car from ‘’Back to The Future’’ to know everything in advance!

I managed to grab information here and there: from TV, internet, books or the stories I had been told about delivery. With all the pieces I collected, I started to plan my ideal D-Day (like every future mom does).
As we were told, each labour is unique, and indeed, I didn’t imagine mine the way it happened. Finally, everything went alright (long live epidural!).

Postnatal Period

However, my postnatal period was quite another story. Have you ever noticed nobody tells you about what happens just next to labour?
Nobody had ever told me that, for days, I would cry all the time for no valid reason… Nor did I ever hear of sitz baths and creams you have to apply for the scar to heal. I also had to take pain killers the days following the delivery, while enduring lactation after a while. And these are just hints…
On the contrary, all the information you can find and all you’ve been told sounds like a fairy tale…

Fairy Tale

‘’You’re going to be filled with happiness when baby arrives.’’ (It’s true, but I didn’t realize it the first days.)
‘’You’re going to be tired, but it’s so beautiful to give birth that you will forget all the pain’’.
Well, ladies, here is the truth: indeed, to give birth is the most powerful thing ever (now, in retrospect, I can never deny it). BUT mother and child need some time to adapt and reach their cruising speed!

Note: my labour experience does not reflect all labour experiences. I’m telling you about what I experienced, but I know other mothers have lived totally different delivery and postnatal periods.

Sharing Experience

What about you? Do you dread delivery? What about postnatal depression?
If you’re expecting your second child, do you feel more confident now than for your first baby?