Have you planned vacation under the sun? This is the first time you travel with baby? Here are some baby products categories that you shouldn’t neglect to go under the sun.


1. Sun Care

A must-have for babies 6 months and more (for younger babies, ask your doctor). It exists mineral or not sun creams. The cream is more difficult to penetrate the skin than other sun creams but they are natural creams and safe for your toddler.

2. 1-piece Swimsuit

When your child’s young, the ideal is a one piece swimsuit that covers neck, back, arms and legs. Plus, it’s easy to put on for kids who are not yet standing up.
There are also long or short sleeves T-shirts made of swimsuit fabric if you already have a swimsuit bottom.

3. Summer Hats

The hat is a must have even if it’s a cloudy day. It is better to put the hat all the time because an insolation can quickly happens! The ideal would be the “Saharan” type, it covers also the neck.

4.  Sunglasses

101 anatomy course: until the age of 12, the children’s eyes crystallin lens is very transparent and more permeable to light than the adults. Their pupil is wider and the tissues are less pigmented.
Before the age of 1 year, the retina of babies is reached by 90% of UVA rays and more than 50% of UVB. It is important to protect their eyes as much as their skin.

Now that you have everything to protect your baby from the sun, are you ready to fly?