Do you happen to know a mother or future mother who will be celebrating her first Mother’s Day and you would like to mark the occasion? Celebrate her first year as a mother with these thoughtful gifts.

Whether you are looking for a sentimental or practical gift, you will find some options here she will definitely like. Each of these first Mother’s Day gifts will help her feel special, make her life easier, or both!

1. My First Year in Pictures Set of Cards
(available in French)

Capture the highlights of your baby’s first year with My First Year in Pictures Set of Cards by Milestone! The set includes 30 illustrated cards in a box. Simply take a card, add the date and take a picture of your baby with it. You will never forget when your baby first smiled, crawled or said mama!

2. Baby Logbook

The Baby Logbook by BB Design, written in French, is the most complete album to collect the memories of your baby until 5 years old. You will find small envelopes to keep birth bracelet, first tooth or even first lock of hair. It was designed and printed in Quebec.

3. Diaper Bags

An essential accessory for new or future mothers, diaper bags sure make travelling with baby easier, in comfort and peace of mind. That has been taken care of, right?  Here is a selection of all our favorite models for your enjoyment.

4. Pregnancy Pillows

Pregnancy and fatigue often go hand in hand. But pregnancy pillows were designed to make life easier for mothers and expectant mothers. They come in different sizes, materials or colours and adapt to the body and needs of each mother for easier and more comfortable sleep.

5. Baby Carriers and Wraps

For the new or expectant mother, baby carriers or wraps, in addition to being practical, enhance the relationship with baby. Indeed, carrying your baby so close to you allows you to get to know him better and hold him close to your heart, and all of this, with your hands free to go about your daily activities. Here is a selection of baby carriers and wraps for all tastes and budgets.