Let’s dive into the colorful universe of Lilliputiens’ toy characters. With various books, toys and stuffed friends available, your little one will surely not lack imagination and learn a lot while playing with his new friends and toys.
Without further ado, here are 10 toys from Lilliputiens we wanted to bring light on, so each child can enjoy them at their own speed, learn and grow while having fun.

1. Georges Activity Lemur

Georges Activity Lemur is intended to stimulate baby’s senses. Fitted with teether, rattles, rings, mirror, peekaboo toy… it has everything for hours of surprising discoveries. Georges combines different textures for a diversified tactile experience. Funny looking and soft to cuddle, Georges will soon become your child’s best friend. 3 months +.

2. The Wolf and the 3 Little Pigs Book

The Wolf and the 3 Little Pigs Book is a creative fabric book. It tells the story of this famous tale in a fun and original way: 3D fabric panels, cardboard cards, ribbons and other elements to build and destroy. Little ones will pay attention and truly enjoy reading sessions as they participate in the story. 10 months +.

3. Louise Baby

Louise Baby is a lovely plush doll to play parents. You have everything you need to take care of her: feed, undress, change her nappy or put her to bed in her cosy crib. She also comes with her best friend, the cuddly unicorn.

4. Alice Splash Magical Bath Book

Alice Splash Magical Bath Book will make bath time magical with Alice the Fox. Let your little one imagine his own stories thanks to this 8-page book, full of colorful images. As soon as the bath water reaches 32 degrees or more, other illustrations and characters appear to surprise and entertain your child. 10 months +.

5. Rattle Bracelet

The Rattle Bracelet will entertain baby and stimulate his senses. Made with crinkle fabric and soft to wear, it has a Velcro fastening. Baby just has to move to hear the rattle sound. Very soft, your baby can take their new favorite friend everywhere they go. Before that, they will have to choose between Georges the lemur, Cesar the bear and Alice the fox.

6. Little Rabbit Dentist Book

Little Rabbit Dentist Book is a fabric book that comes with many things to feel and discover. Baby can play with the lion’s squeaker and open its muzzle, explore their senses with the crinkle paper pages and later, develop their imagination making up stories starring Célestin, the finger puppet. Your child can also be a part of the story by slipping their photo into the pocket provided. The story is about to become more interesting, right?

7. Anatole the Crocodile

It’s not just about sweet colours and great looks with Anatole the Crocodile! Not only is he great as a playpen bumper since birth, but it converts as a great toy for your baby’s awakening. It has an integrated rattle and mirror, and makes crinkle noise.

8. Marius the Keep Sake Rhino 

Kids love to have their little secret hiding places! Marius the Keep Sake Rhino is not only a wonderful buddy to play with, but also an unusual hiding space. His large soft and cuddly body stimulates toddlers curiosity and makes children explore various activities. Marius is a big friend who will last a long time in your child’s bedroom.

9. Alice the Cuddly Fox

Miss smartypants Alice the Cuddly Fox is ready for some fun! Our beloved fox is here to comfort your little one and give huge hugs. She is not just an ordinary stuffed animal, she will be baby’s best buddy for years. Colorful and soft, Alice will watch over baby while they sleep and will look great in your nursery.

10. The Enchanted Path Tactile Book

The Enchanted Path Tactile Book takes you to the land of tales. Goldilocks, Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood… all travel on different enchanted paths. With your fingertips, explore these magical paths as if you were there with them!