Summer and the holidays are coming to an end, and it’s time to start thinking about back-to-school, daycare and kindergarten… To make sure that your little one has everything they need, here are some essential supplies that will guarantee they make the most of their time in their new environment.


1. Backpack and Lunch Box

Essential accessories for when starting kindergarten, the backpack and lunch box will allow your child to carry all their belongings and lunch. There are various bags that are more suitable for little ones. Our selection includes Parkland’s Edison Backpack and Rodeo Lunch Bag, made from recycled materials. They are perfect for toddlers and come in a wide range of colours and patterns for a great look among friends.


2. Food and Snack Containers

Ideal for keeping sandwiches and snacks at the right temperature, your child will have everything they need at hand. Our insulated food containers will keep your their meal warm until lunchtime. For snacks, we offer a series of reusable and easy-to-clean snack bags.


3. Water Bottle

Choose reusable bottles that are ultra-resistant and waterproof. They store well in the backpack or lunch box and are also leakproof. For more convenience, straw bottles are more child-friendly use.


4. Blanket

Essential for nap time, it will help your little one fall asleep comfortably and gently. There is a wide range of blankets available with more or less layers, depending on the season.


5. Indoor Shoes

Opt for non-slipping and safe shoes that are easy to move around in. Robeez‘s soft soles or Native‘s breathable shoes are ideal and comfortable for daycare/kindergarten.


6. Extra Clothes

Finally, it is always a good idea to bring extra clothes for your child at the daycare. A small accident is never too far away, or after playing outside, your child can stay comfortable in new and dry clothes. To carry your little one’s extra clothes or to store wet or dirty clothes, you can use convenient and easy to clean wet bags.