Back to school concerns me even more this year because my daughter Leïka starts kindergarden in 2 weeks! I want everything to be perfect and for that, I must be able to choose the right accessories for a good start.

1. Backpack

The essential product for Back-to-School. For our little ones, we don’t want big backpacks neither bags for “baby” (that’s how Leïka calls her little brother’s bag). We work with 2 compagnies: the Headster Kids backpack with bright colors and funny patterns. It will entertains your kid for the year! We also have the Edison backpack by Parkland, with solid colors or patterns too.


2. Lunch box

The biginning of my headaches, lunch time! Will I be able to vary meals and put enough food in her lunch? Do not worry about my mental health care, I will write in advance meals I will do on sundays, not to stress to much during the week! In the meantime, here our lunch boxes selection for your toddler: unicorns, pandas, clouds, you’ll find your favorite animal.

3. Food container

In order not to have sandwichs and salads all year long, it is imperative to have a food container that will keep the meal warm. At her school, she’ll eat in her classroom without microwave (it’s a good thing). Everything has to be ready to eat. Tested and approved, our insulated containers will keep the meal warm until lunch time.


4. Snack container

Same for snack container, you must have at least one to put THE most exciting thing in your lunch box kid: the snack! It can be a container for apple sauce, a box container or a pouch. They’re all reusable and mostly dishwasher safe.


5. Bottle for kid

Last but not least accessory to have: bottle for kid. In class or during lunch, your child will always have a bottle of water on hand. It exists in small or large format, with straw or cup, isotherm or not, here’s our selection!


Have a nice back to school!