Photo credits: BBLüv

For your baby’s health, it is essential to keep them out of the sun. Indeed, babies’ skin has less melanin than older children or adults, so prolonged exposure to the sun could lead to burns and illnesses.

An ideal way to enjoy the outdoors without exposing baby to the sun, wind, sand and even insects, is to have a baby tent.

There is a wide range of baby tents available for sale. They are very easy to carry when out and about. They are compact, quite easy to set up and perfect for nap or play time at the beach, park, camping or other outdoor adventures.

What to look for in the perfect baby tent?

As mentioned above, it must provide sun and wind protection, optimal ventilation and also protect against sand and insects. For added convenience, it must be lightweight, easy to assemble and fold, be safe and sturdy, and of appropriate size.

Our top-pick Tent

The Sunkitö Tent by BBLüv

The Sunkitö Tent by BBLüv protects your baby from the sun, sand, wind and mosquitoes. It is perfect for the beach, park or garden, it folds and unfolds easily thanks to its pop-up system. With 3 tent poles and a carry bag included, it allows easy installation and transportation. The window with roll down net curtain protects from unwanted bugs and helps with napping.