Once upon a time, there was a mom…

My name is Charlotte Rougier, I’m the mother of a 3-year old girl, Leïka, and a boy who was born a preemie on March 9th, 2015: Naïm.

18 years ago, my mother Nicole founded Rose ou Bleu. I grew up among baby products and I started to work for Rose ou Bleu as soon as I could.
My two sisters have also been part of the managing team for years and today, we are working together with a great team at the store.

So, as you can understand, I’m really interested in everything related to pregnancy, birth, newborns, child growth and so on. I’m always looking for new pieces of information, articles or great debates on these topics.

I created this blog to share my personal experience as a mother and what I’ve found throughout my investigations. Also, I’ll give you tips that saved my life more than once!

You’re more than welcome to add comments, suggest articles or chat with me at: charlotte@roseoubleu.com.


Editorial policy

I write about subjects I’m interested in to inform you, and also to entertain you.
My goal is not to tell you what to buy, but rather to share my experience as a mom and to give you advice about the baby products I’ve tried, I never used or even the useless ones which ended up in the basement…

You are welcome to comment my posts and chat with me. However, I will erase any remark I judge insulting or inappropriate.

Rose ou Bleu is not sponsored by any company. If I mention one in my posts, it’s because I find their products convenient, original or helpful.