Winter came early this year and unfortunately, so did the viruses and other germs. Colds, coughs, running noses… It is hard not to catch anything. Some food and vitamins can help reinforcing our immune defences but it is not enough. When the first symptoms show up, it is better to be prepared, especially if you have children. Some products are absolutely real must-have to serenely go through winter. So, here are our 6 go-to products to deal with winter pains.

A humidifier

Humidifiers can help dealing with dry air. If you do not feel confident at the idea of getting one, feel free to read our article about why and how to choose a humidifier.

A thermometer

Thermometers come in different shapes and methods of use. Each one has its perks and disadvantages. The ear thermometer is a good option as the eardrum is the best place to get a precise body temperature. However, you need to place it a certain way to get an accurate measure and you cannot use it with newborns. In the end, whatever the method, you need to pay attention to the variations of temperatures. Determining if you have a fever depends on where you measured the temperature.

Method Temperature’s normal variations
Rectum 36,6 °C à 38,0 °C (97,9 °F à 100,4 °F)
Mouth 35,5 °C à 37,5 °C (95,9 °F à 99,5 °F)
Armpit 34,7 °C à 37,3 °C (94,5 °F à 99,1 °F)
Ear 35,8 °C à 38,0 °C (96,4 °F à 100,4 °F)
A nasal aspirator

Here is a real must-have! When your child needs to blow their nose and does not know how to do it yet, the nasal aspirator is your savior. It is the only way to properly free their airways. Don’t forget to use physiological saline so it cleans and disinfect the nose.

Fridababy’s Accu-dose pacifier

This is clearly a life-changer when children have to take some medication. I mean, we know how they hate it, right? Here, the accu-dose pacifier prevents spit-ups by sending the medicine straight into the cheek and bypassing the tastebuds. No more drama!


A natural alternative to gently fight winter aches: colds, coughs, stomach pains, otitis… The brand Homeocan offers a range of syrups and oral solutions for children from birth to 9 months.

Eucalyptus products

Again, eucalyptus products are ideal for those who do not want to take too much medicine all winter long. Massaging the chest with eucalyptus oil can soothe breathing difficulties, for example. There is also a mist to spray on pillows to help clear running noses. These products are perfect to stop a cold from developing as soon as you feel the first symptoms. In short, they are really handy to have in your medicine cabinet.

At the end of the day, you should also pay attention to your children’s hydration. You can buy pretty flasks that they would love to carry around so they would happily drink when they are busy playing outside. You can also always leave a bottle or a glass of water near their bed, at night, just in case. We tend to forget about it but hydration is the basis of a healthy body.

In my opinion, all these little things help going through winter without too much discomfort. If you have other tips or home remedies, please feel free to share them in the comment section below. We can never get enough of these.