Photo Credits: Skip Hop

An essential and often very useful accessory to facilitate parents’ daily outings and activities with baby, most strollers do not always have all the features to make parent-child excursions pleasant and hassle-free.

Fortunately, there are a variety of accessories to improve baby’s comfort and help parents organize and store everything they need to go about their business with baby, while making sure they have not forgotten anything.

In this article, we provide a list of essential stroller accessories for parents to consider, so they have all baby essentials such as bottles, cups, articles, phones, etc., within reach.


1. Car Seat Adapters

Out for a quick run and you want to avoid having to wake your baby up to transfer them from their car seat to the stroller? Simply fix your car seat into an adapter and onto the stroller. Here is a selection of adapters. Please, check if they are compatible with your stroller.


2. Stroller Organizer

Very convenient to keep all your baby items within reach, stroller organizers or organizer bags help you to organize and store all the accessories you need for baby. You can have a quick access to your essentials. Most organizers attach easily to the handles or stroller bar. They have several storage spaces and pockets that can accommodate cups, payment cards, telephones and even snacks for your little one. Some examples of popular organizers: Skip Hop’s Grab n’ Go stroller organizer or Bugaboo’s organizer bag.


3. Cup Holders and Stroller Trays

Adding a snack tray to your stroller saves you the hassle of getting home in time for snack time. Wherever you are, your child can quietly enjoy their snack. As for the cup holder, it allows you to carry your favourite drink or baby’s drink everywhere with you. Here is a selection of stroller trays and cup holders for comfortable and worry-free outings.


4. Stroller Toys

Keep your baby busy during your shopping with toys adapted for strollers. Arches, rattles and hanging toys, etc., baby will love trying to hit or grab these toys. The Flex’N Go activity arch for stroller by Oball or hanging animals will certainly entertain baby and keep him calm throughout your whereabouts.


5. Stroller Hooks

The stroller hook is a must for hanging your lightweight bags, handbag or even toys. Oxo tot’s handy stroller hook has grooves to keep bags from slipping. Jolly Jumper’s smarter hook snaps on the stroller or shopping cart to carry your various bags and free your hands.


6. Stroller Protections

There are adapted covers to protect your child from the sun, rain or insects. Pick what you need between stroller rain covers to keep your child dry even when it’s pouring outside, mosquito nets for convenient and safe protection against insects and sun canopies (only for Bugaboo strollers) to bring additional sun protection.


There are other essential accessories such as warm blankets or muffs for winter time, smartphone holders to keep your phone close by, stroller boards for additional space, to make outings with baby as comfortable as indoors.

Note that most stroller brands have their own set of accessories, while there are some accessories that are universal and fit almost all strollers. However, before buying an accessory, check to see if it fits your stroller.