It is always heartbreaking for a parent to see their child get sick. Here are a few indispensable tools to keep close in order to soothe little health troubles.

  • Nasal aspirator

Grown-ups know how unpleasant it is to have a stuffy nose, but it is even worse for little ones! Not only are they not yet capable of blowing it on their own, but babies also cannot breathe through the mouth before the age of 6 months. It is highly important to clear out their clogged nose regularly with a nasal aspirator. This helps them sleep and can prevent a cold from turning into a bronchitis. Learn how to use it here.

  • Rectal thermometer

Taking a rectal temperature with a digital thermometer is much more precise than taking it by mouth or under the armpit. The first thing healthcare professionals usually want to know for children up to 5 years is their rectal temperature.

  • Humidifier

A humidifier can be used in case of cold to bring comfort to the sick child by fighting against dryness in the air and airways. It is highly recommended to choose a cold-air model and most importantly to respect the maintenance instructions to best prevent the spread of potentially harmful bacteria.

  • Kissy Booboo

Nothing beats a hot water bottle when we are sick. Little ones can also enjoy this soothing sensation with this adorable little plush friend. Filled with a mixture of oats and barley, it can be heated in a traditional or micro-wave oven and can also be refrigerated. It is useful especially during stomach pains and must be used under the constant supervision of an adult.

  • Crib wedge

This triangular shape can be safely inserted underneath the fitted sheet in the crib. It will soothe children with clogged noses or gastric reflux by elevating their heads. It improves breathing and digestion for better nights.