Halloween is gone and the first snow of the season fell last week. In my book, it means one thing: let the Christmas countdown begin! Finding the perfect gift for newborns or toddlers is as difficult as it is for adults. There are so many options that you can quickly feel overwhelmed. So, I did some research for you and selected 20 Christmas gift ideas sorted by age. I guarantee your present won’t go unnoticed under the tree!


Newborns to 12 months

Mortimer, the moose by Lamaze – 19.99$
A sensory plush toy is always a good idea for a baby. The mix of textures and colors provides endless tactile experiences for curious little hands. The little extra: comes with a clip to attach it everywhere you want to.

The Hug Me Plush Projection Soother by Skip Hop – 39.99$
Every child needs a companion to reassure them before going to bed. Why not choose this huggable 3-colored nightlight that projects a starry sky on the wall? The little extra: it sings 4 different lullabies and has a built-in pocket so children can sleep with it.

The Little Rabbit Dentist Book by Lilliputiens – 24.99$
This book is a great way to introduce children to the notion of dental care. Plus, it is never too early to make them discover the joy of reading. The little extra: the finger puppet to give some spirit to the story.

The Teether Tower by Green Sprouts – 27.99$
Every baby goes through teething pain at some point so, make your gift a practical one. This tower has 5 textured teethers which should be enouth to soothe sore gums. The little extra: filled with distilled water, they can be cooled in the fridge for extra relief.

The 3 Steps Silver Lining Cloud Activity Center by Skip Hop – 164.99$
Here is a gift that will last. This activity center is designed to grow with baby. It has everything to trigger their curiosity and develop their motor skills. The little extra: the chalk drawing surface.

Christmas Gift Ideas Newborns To 12 Months

From 12 to 24 months

The Jungle Adventures Shape Sorter by Oball – 24.99$
Puzzles stimulate children’s associative abilities. Ball-shaped, this one is quite original with the animals to fit in the holes. The little extra: perfect for bath time as well.

My First Pounder by Hape – 12.99$
Ideal to learn how to count, to differentiate colors and the comprehension of space and directions. The little extra: the minimalist design that will appeal to everyone.

Sort & Pop Farmyard Friends by Tomy – 34.99$
A shape-sorting toy that introduces children to farm sounds. The little extra: the push-pull along vehicle.

The Roller Derby by Hape – 49.99$
An educational toy that develops motor skills, anticipation and problem solving strategies. The little extra: entirely made of worry-free materials.

The Penguin Music Player by Winfun – 25.99$
The artistic flair can be encouraged from the youngest age. The little extra: the working microphone. Let your child be the DJ!

Christmas Gift Ideas 12 To 24 Months

From 24 to 36 months

The Sunny Valley Build’n’Play by Hape – 39.99$
Colorful blocks to build a bright world to play with, developing logic and stimulating imagination. The little extra: the wooden figurines representing Pepe and his friends.

The Toulouse LapTrec Magnetic Board by B. – 31.99$
Who has never had a magnetic board? It is a classic in the world of toys. The little extra: the 4 magnetic animal stamps and the built-in cushion on the back to be comfortable on the knees.

The Magnetic Fishing Rod by Munchkin – 14.99$
Perfect to practice fishing skills in the bath before the first official family fishing trip. The little extra: the diver and the octopus to catch more than just fishes.

The Chunky Dinos Puzzle by Janod – 19.99$
Dinosaurs and wooden toys have been quite popular lately. Plus, puzzles are good for children’s dexterity. The little extra: the 3D dinosaurs that can be used on their own as play figurines.

The Balance Original Bike by Prince Lionheart – 129.99$
Balance bikes prepare children for their first real bike teaching them balance. The little extra: the retro design will win you over.

Christmas Gift Ideas 24 To 36 Months

From 3 years old

The 3 Game Set by Janod – 39.99$
Board games are a holidays’ classic. This set includes a Chicken game, an animal-themed memo and a card-game to assemble. Hours of family fun ahead! The little extra: the Chicken game’s puzzle board.

The Checkout Register by Hape – 39.99$
Children have always loved playing shops. Offer them something to make their role playing a bit more realistic. The little extra: the credit card to scan, better than the real thing!

The Dr. Doctor Medical Set by B. – 35.99$
The more they grow, the more children want to do everything like grown-ups. Who knows, this medical set could inspire some future career choices. The little extra: the beeper actually beeps like the real ones.

The Giant Coloring Posters by Atelier Rue Tabaga – 16.99$
I think it is every child’s dream to be able to color on the walls. So let make this dream come true with these coloring posters to hang on the wall or simply lay on the floor. The little extra: so many illustrations available (pirates’ ships, winter wonderlands, enchanted forests…).

The Mini Band Musical Set by Hape – 59.99$
Perfect for budding musicians who can discover the different sounds of a ukulele, a tambourine, a clapper, a rattle and a rainmaker. The little extra: the playful and colorful wooden design.

Christmas Gift Ideas 3 Years Old And More


Do you feel more inspired, now? I hope it helped and I wish you a merry Christmas shopping!