Christmas is just around the corner and you have no idea what to get babies and toddlers? Don’t panick. What about my 20 Christmas gift ideas (sorted by age)? Still not inspired? Then, here is another list of 20 ideas according to your budget. No worries, you still have time to find the perfect gift for everyone.

Less than 30$

The Oball Rattle by Oball – 8.99$
Even the youngest child loves playing with balls. The little extra: smooth and flexible, it is impossible to get hurt with it.

The Beginner Puzzle by Scratch Europe – 13.99$
Puzzles are excellent to develop dexterity and logic. The little extra: 2 different themes are available (farm and vehicles).

The City Friends Pyramid by Janod – 19.99$
Stacking cubes are always a hit with children. This one helps discovering animals thanks to the lovely illustrations. The little extra: build vertical structures or horizontal maginificent murals.

The Vibrant Village Squeeze & Squeak Blocks by Skip Hop – 19.99$
Stackable, chewable, squeakable… These multi-purpose blocks will entertain children for hours. The little extra: come in a storage bag so the blocks do not lie around on the bedroom floor.

The Animal Hop Ball by Farm Hopper – 29.99$
Absolutely unmissable! Imagine hopping around the Christmas tree on these animal hop balls… How fun! The little extra: allow little ones to develop their muscles without even thinking about it.

Christmas gift ideas less than 30 dollars

Between 30 and 50$

Georges Activity Lemur By Lilliputiens – 39.99$
Toys to stimulate baby’s senses are essential. Rattle, crinkle paper, rings, mirror… Georges has everything, even a teether! The little extra: soft and funny looking, it will win everybody’s heart on Christmas eve.

Soft Flexible Blocks And Animals by Edushape – 45.99$
They require creativity and imagination while using motor skills and dexterity. Again, construction blocks are a timeless classic among children toys. The little extra: the jungle animals can be played with for other games.

The Magnetic Wooden Blocks by Tegu – 44.99$
Endless possibilities to build amazing and surprising constructions straight out of your child’s imagination. The little extra: made of responsible sourcing, it is a toy that respects environment.

The Mighty Mini Band by Hape – 49.99$
For the budding artists lying dormant in your children. The little extra: the built-in storage for the sticks and castanets.

The Learn With Me Zebra Walker by Fisher-Price – 44.99$
A complete educative toy at a competitive price: baby learns how to walk but also how to count while stimulating all of their senses. The little extra: grows with baby from sit and play to stand and walk.

Christmas gift ideas between 30 and 50 dollars

Between 50 and 100$

The Mooosical Barn Animal Shape Sorter by B. – 59.99$
It moves, it sings, it lights up… That shape sorter is never boring. The little extra: children can control the music and sounds.

The Friendship Acitivity Cube by Hape – 69.99$
Get ready for hours of entertainment as each face of the cube offers a different recreational activity. The little extra: the playful wooden design; minimalist, sturdy and safe for little ones.

The DIY Magnetic Workbench by Janod – 99.99$
Children love imitating grown-ups. This workbench is so well thought out that you will be jealous of it. The little extra: the magnetic storage. No more tools scattered around the playroom.

The Bounce & Zoom Speedway by Oball – 69.99$
An amusing structure with sliding ramps for those who enjoy the thrill of car racing. The little extra : the bouncing pad for even more fun!

The Street Surfer Scooter by Hape – 99.99$
They say no one ever forgets their first bike. Well, same with their first scooter! The little extra: the adjustable handlebar.

Christmas gift ideas between 50 and 100 dollars

More than 100$

Cappuccino, the Rocking Donkey by Nattou – 129.99$
How could you resist that much cuteness? And it is nothing compared to Cappuccino’s softness. One stroke and you will never want to let go. The little extra: made of wood, the structure is sturdy and durable. Cappuccino will stay with you for a long time.

The Happy Day Big Cooker by Janod – 179.99$
This realistic kitchen will put yours to shame. The details will win you over and delight your children. The little extra: the sound effects!

The Neighborhood Friends Activity Jumper by Baby Einstein – 159.99$
It is the perfect gift for growing babies: a comfortable seat and a lot of different toys to stimulate senses. The little extra: introduces numbers in French, English and Spanish.

The Scoot-Around by Hape – 109.99$
What better way to happily develop muscle strength and balance? The little extra: made of wood, it is sturdy enough to go on crazy adventures with baby.

The Kamp Teepee by Around The Crib – 249.99$
It is every child’s dream to have a cozy hut where to play with their favorite toys, isn’t it? This teepee will surely make some people happy on Christmas day. The little extra: the built-in LED lighting and the comfortable carpet.

Christmas gift ideas more than 100 dollars


Here you go, I shared all my ideas with you. Now, the ball is in your court. Merry shopping!